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PPI compensation is a hot topic of discussion with many people looking to reclaim the premiums paid in protecting a credit card or loan against the loss of job or an illness or injury. In most cases people are able to claim back the full amount of PPI premiums made over the life of a credit card account or loan whether the account is still active or has been closed.

The scandal of mis-sold payment protection insurance policies has grown throughout the early 21st century when customers began to realize they were paying for policies they had not signed up for. PPI compensation claims have resulted in banks and banking groups placing millions of pounds in funds designed for covering the PPI compensation claims expected to be paid in the coming years.

Rates for PPI compensation claims have been set by the Financial Ombudsman at the return of the premiums paid by the customer. Initially, a PPI claim calculator is made by a customer making their lender aware that they are making a compensation claim against the policy they feel was mis-sold to them; at this point the financial institution will either make the customer an offer or reject the claim. Customers can then choose to either accept any compensation offer from their lender or if they feel the offer is less than they have paid in premiums they can continue with the claim. The next step is to make the claim through the Financial Ombudsman, an independent body responsible for deciding on claims such as PPI compensation issues.

The rate of compensation is generally set by the Financial Ombudsman; a claimant can choose to either use a PPI claims company to assist them in making the claim or work through the process themselves. Using a PPI claims specialist can ensure the full amount of compensation is claimed back, but fees must be paid to these companies if the claimant receives compensation.

PPI Claims Start your full refund

Most of us have some sort of debt, such as a monthly mortgage repayment, car instalment, credit card or store car payment that we need to make regular payments on. This is where Payment Protection Insurance, or PPI in short, comes in.

What is PPI?
It is a policy that you can take out to cover you against the eventually of being unable to honour your loan agreement due to the loss of your income or illness. This is a saving grace in principal, but if your PPI was fraudulently sold to you or the terms were misrepresented to you, it can be worthless in a time when you need it most.

The good news is that you can now make PPI claim to get your money back if the terms of your policy were misrepresented to you upon taking it out.

How do you know if your PPI were fraudulently sold to you and that you can make PPI claim?

Your first step is to look at your loan agreement and familiarize yourself with it. Your PPI will usually be included in the loan agreement. Don’t forget to go through your monthly bank statements to see if your PPI charges were deduced from your account along with your loan repayment. You will need that information when you make PPI claim.

It will be fraudulent transaction in the following circumstances:

If your loan agreement included PPI and you weren’t informed and made aware of it,
You were brought under the impression that PPI is a must do to enable you to get your loan approved,
You were not informed that PPI was optional,
You were not informed that you could shop around and find cheaper PPI cover somewhere else,
You were retired, working for yourself and without a job when you took the cover out.

If you feel that your policy was misrepresented to you and that the transaction was fraudulent, don’t hesitate before making your PPI claim. You have a very strong chance of getting your money back.

PPI Claims Refund from your Personal PPI Policy

There are millions of pounds currently being paid to banks’ customers. This is the money that customers had already paid to the banks in order to buy Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

The banks are facing thousands of PPI claims everyday from customers who were mis-sold the insurance policy and now want to be reimbursed for the amount they have been made to pay for a service they could never use.

PPI was mis-sold to millions of customers who did not want the insurance, were given no option or were simply not told about the insurance policy. If you were paying for PPI but are in one of these three categories, then you may have been mis-sold PPI with your credit card.PPI Claims Refund

You might have taken out a credit card and then one your first statement see an amount attributed to Payment Protection, or a very similar term. This might have been the first that you knew about PPI and the first time that you were informed that you would be paying for the service. This is clearly not right and the banks are now having to repay these amounts to rectify the situation.

You could be entitled to make your own PPI claims, for the different credit cards that you have taken out in the last ten years. These could all add up to thousands of pounds being given back to you for almost no effort on your part.

You will need to know your credit card details in order to make a claim. You should know your credit card number, the date that you started your credit card and the total maximum credit you have on your credit card. By knowing these, you can use an online calculator to work out how much the bank owes you in PPI repayments.

You should act today to claim back your PPI and be repaid for the insurance that you could never have made a claim on.

PPI Claims Back can You get a Mis Sold Policy Refund

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) has been sold by high street banks to thousands of customers who did not need it, want it or were even eligable for it. Recently, these same banks have been forced to pay back millions of pounds to their customers.

But how do you know if you have been missold PPI? Will anyone send you a letter, with a cheque in it and let you know that you have a couple of thousand pounds waiting to be claimed?

The bank will not send you any money unless you go to the extent of asking for it. They would not want to have to refund every single customer, but as soon as you process your claim, they will have to pay you back.

You can look through your monthly statements and see if you have ever paid for PPI. It might be listed as PPI, or it could be listed using a similar term, Payment Cover is a common term used by the banks. PPI claims back

If you have paid for Payment Protection Insurance, then you might be able to claim back all of your payments. You might have been missold ppi if you were told that it was an automatic part of the credit card agreement, if you were not told that it was even being added to your account, but it just appeared on your itemised bill, or if you were sold the policy but did not have all of the details explained to you and you were unable to make a claim on the policy.

If you were mis-sold the insurance policy, then you are entitled to claim back all of the payments that you made for this cover. You might only have paid £25 a month for the payment cover but over a 5 year credit card term, this would have cost you £1,500.

Claim back your money today and you could recieve thousands of pounds from the bank.